B & M: Bath, Somerset

B & M held their gorgeous wedding in Bath at a local church with their reception at The Forum, Bath.

Maria and her 5 bridesmaids got ready at the Bath Mill Lodge Retreat which was the perfect setting for the whole group to come together the night before the wedding and be close by for the celebrations the next day. The lodge itself was full of light and such a wonderful atmosphere when I arrived in the morning. I’ll give you an insight to some of the details that made Maria’s wedding that bit more special…I quickly came to realise that this girl has the most talented bunch of friends and loved ones. The jewellery was a project done by her sister, the flowers were another example of a friend’s creativity and that incredible dress was made by another friend of Maria’s, with parts of her mother’s own wedding dress incorporated. Makeup was again done by Maria’s sister, and the bride’s hair was courtesy of the lovely Chloe of ChloeBridal.

One of the main reasons that M & B chose this church to hold their ceremony in, was the incredible high ceilings and the way the whole church filled with light. They had decorated it beautifully with flowers and ribbons.

After their emotional ceremony, I took the newlyweds over to the Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park. It just so happened to be the hottest Mid-April day and so the park was absolutely full of people - luckily there wasn’t a single person in the separate garden apart from us so the two were able to spend some time together before the celebrations continued.